SPR 2020 Meeting Registration

For the safety of our Membership, we have elected to utilize a virtual meeting platform for this year’s Annual Meeting. This results in a greatly reduced cost relative to in-person meetings, and we have passed on these savings with reductions in Membership Dues and Meeting Registration Fees.

We have additionally planned our Virtual Annual Meeting with both “Screen Fatigue” and Member time zone differences in mind. As such, we have elected to spread the meeting across 3 days, and limit the official meeting time/day to no more than 5 hours (including breaks) within the range of 12:00-5:00 PM EST.

Meeting Registration options include: 1) Current Member (i.e. have already paid or are otherwise opting to pay Membership Dues separately for this year), 2) New or Renewing Membership & Meeting Registration Bundle, or 3) Non-member Meeting Registration. Forms for each option are available below:

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