SPR 2020 Annual Meeting

Join us for the 5th Annual Meeting of the Society for Pelvic Research

When: December 11-13, 2020 (Trainee Workshop on December 11, 2020)

Due to COVID-19, SPR 2020 will be held in a Virtual Format over 3 half days

Top 5 Abstract Reviewer Picks:

  • Afrida Rahman-Enyart et al.Acyloxyacyl hydrolase mediates gut microbiome in a mouse model of interstitial cystitis
  • Arezoo Geramipour and Zachary C. Danziger Loss of urethral sensitivity leads to functional deficits in rat model: implications for age-related underactive bladder
  • Ritesh Kumar et al.Soft silicone-based neural interface to modulate bladder function
  • Violeta N. Mutafova-YambolievaTransurothelial Transport of ATP Metabolites
  • Mary F. Barbe et al.Nerve transfer for restoration of lower motor neuron-lesioned bladder function: Correlation between histological changes and nerve evoked contractions