2022 Annual Meeting – Charlotte, NC

December 8-10, Charlotte Hilton at University Place

Final Program

Invited Speakers:

Keynote Speaker – Dr. Arnold Melman, MD (Ion Channel Innovations, Inc.)

State-of-the-Art Speaker – Dr. Marianna Alperin, MD (University of California, San Diego)

Special Guest Speaker – Dr. Susan Tappan, PhD (SPARC data and Resource Center)

State of the Art Speaker – Kathleen Connell, MD (University of Colorado)

Special guest Young Investigator Speaker – Justin LaFavor, PhD (Florida State University)

Phil Smith Legacy Speaker – Cara Hardy, PhD (Jackson Laboratories)

Trainee Presentation Award Winners:

1st Place – Michael R. Odom, PhD, Duke University

2nd Place – Anissa Cervantes, Duke University

3rd Place – Emily P. Day, Temple University

Top 5 Abstracts:

Characterization of cardiovascular function, metabolic status and erectile function in rat model of cardiometabolic syndrome by Wrenn D. Pallas and Johanna L. Hannan

Detrusor contractility via FP receptor activation is increased in diabetic mice with bladder underactivity by Michael R. Odom, Francis M. Hughes, Jr., Huixia Jin and J. Todd Purves

An injection of botulinum toxin type A at the injured site of a spinal cord injury improves lower urinary tract function in female rats by Cynthia K. Gandara, Jose L. Quintanar‐Stephano, Beatriz Castillo‐Tellez, Marai Perez‐Hernandez and Alvaro Munoz

Catheter‐free Bladder Volume Monitoring Using Intravesical Sensor by Mohamed Elazab, Brett Hanzlicek, Steve J. A. Majerus, Dennis Bourbeau and Margot S. Damaser

Expression of an engineered chloride channel reduces bladder overactivity and inflammation in rats with cyclophosphamide‐induced cystitis by Jaclyn Connelly, Keara Healy, Stephanie Daugherty, Yan Xu and Jonathan M. Beckel

Travel Awards

Anissa Cervantes, Duke University

Britney N. Hudson, Clemson University

Ricardo Juárez Mirto, Universidad Autónoma de Tlaxcala, Mexico

Raiana A. Moraes, University of South carolina

Wrenn D. Pallas, East Carolina University

The Pre-Meeting Flyer