When: November 16-17, 2019 (Trainee Workshop on November 15, 2019)

 Where: Charleston Marriott, 170 Lockwood Boulevard, Charleston, SC, 29403, USA

In proud partnership with the International Continence Society, who generously sponsored the Trainee Presentation Awards.

Special Thanks to Medtronic for their generous donation to the Meeting

The SPR 2019 – ICS Trainee Presentation Awardees

First Prize Winner Michael R. Odom, PhD Candidate
Ex Vivo Akt Inhibition Reverses Castration Induced Penile and Pudendal Artery Endothelial Dysfunction
Michael R Odom, Elena S Pak, Johanna L Hannan

Second Prize Winner Shelby N. Harper, Medical Student
Calcium Pyrophosphate and Monosodium Urate Activate the NLRP3 Inflammasome within Bladder Urothelium via Reactive Oxygen Species and Thioredoxin Interacting Protein
Shelby N. Harper, Patrick D. Leidig, Francis M. Hughes Jr., Huixia Jin, J. Todd Purves

Third Prize Winner Lindsey K. Burleson, Medical Student
Validation of an animal model of pelvic radiation induced female sexual and urinary dysfunction
Lindsey K. Burleson, Shelby A. Powers, Michael R. Odom, Dillon A. Ellis, Jae W. Jung, Bridget F. Koontz, Johanna L. Hannan

Abstract Review Committee’s Top 5 Picks

S2A8  –  Lindsey K. Burleson, Medical Student et al
“Validation of an animal model of pelvic radiation Induced female sexual and urinary dysfunction ”

S3A15 Shawn Choe MS, Medical Student et al.
“Optimization of Sonic hedgehog delivery to the penis from self-assembling nanofiber hydrogels to preserve penile morphology after cavernous nerve injury”

S3A17Shaojing Ye PhD et al
“Intravesical macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF) and activation of Intravesical MIF receptors mediate PAR4-induced bladder pain”

S6A25Mary F. Barbe PhD et al
“Functional and histological changes in the dog urinary bladder after different decentralization and reinnervation strategies”

S6A24 Michael R. Odom, PhD Candidate et al
“Castration Mediated Schwann Cell Dedifferentiation Leads to Slower Nerve Conduction, Decreased Neuritogenesis, and Nitrergic Neuron Loss”