When – December 1-2, 2018 (Main Meeting), November 30, 2018 (Trainee Workshop)

     Where – Hilton New Orleans/St. Charles Avenue, 333 St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans, LA, USA 

Supported by Generous Contributions from Medtronic and Duke University Division of Urology

and The Glickman Urological & Kidney Institute at Cleveland Clinic 

In proud partnership with the International Continence Society   

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Trainee Workshop Leader

   Workshop Leader – Kimberly Putman, PCC, ICF – New Orleans, LA, USA

         “Mastering the Interview Process”

Invited Speakers
  Keynote Speaker – Dr. Kim D. Anderson-Erisman, PhD – Case Western Reserve University, USA

        “Pelvic Dysfunction after SCI: Data from the Lived Experience”

​   Keynote Speaker – Dr. Dolores J. Lamb, PhD, HCLD – Weill Cornell Medicine, USA

​        “The Genetic and Genomic Basis of Human Male Reproductive Defects”

​   State of the Art Speaker & International Continence Society Lecturer – Dr. Karen D. McCloskey, PhD – Queen’s University, UK

“Emerging Concepts in Bladder Physiology – New Targets for Translation?”

 State of the Art Speaker – Dr. Tim M. Bruns, PhD – University of Michigan, USA

​        “Neuromodulation for Bladder and Female Sexual Dysfunction: Tapping into Sensory Pathways”

State of the Art Speaker – Dr. Francesco Demayo, PhD – NIH/NIEHS, USA

​        “Understanding the Role of Progesterone in Reproductive Tract Biology”

​   Special Guest Speaker – Dr. Patricia Greenwel, PhD – NIH/NIDDK Program Director: Div. Digestive Diseases and Nutrition, USA

“Basic and Translational Research Funding Opportunities from NIDDK/DDN”

Trainee Presentation Awards

​Oral Presentation Awards
   Lisa A. Baker, PhD Candidate et al. “Targeted depletion of the microtubule regulatory protein fidgetin-like 2 (FL2) enhances axon regeneration and improves erectile function outcomes after cavernous nerve injury in a rodent model of radical prostatectomy”
   Zhonghua (Aileen) Ouyang, PhD Candidate et al. “Behavioral monitoring and neuromodulation of feline bladder function”
   Michael R. Odom, PhD Candidate et al. “Testosterone Replacement Enhances Internal Pudendal Artery Relaxation to Reverse Erectile Dysfunction in a Rat Model of Androgen Deprivation Therapy”
   Maria K Jantz, PhD Student et al. “Selectively activating lower urinary nerves with epidural spinal cord stimulation”

Poster Presentation Awards
   Gabrielle Clark, PhD Candidate et al. “Biaxial Contractile Response of Murine Vaginal Tissue”
   Michael R. Odom, PhD Candidate et al. “Comparison of systemic and penile vascular function in C57Bl/6N and C57Bl/6J mice following 12 weeks of high fat diet”

Top 6 Reviewed Abstracts

   Rosalyn Adam et al. “Neuropilin 2: a novel regulator of gut motility”

   Vivian Cristofaro et al. “Hyperglycemia Induces Detrusor Hyperactivity by Altering the Caveolae-Dependent Regulation of ROCK Signaling Pathway”

   Elizabeth Kalmanek et al. “Caspase signaling in ED patients and animal models”

   Fei Ma et al. “Central (Spinal) Mechanisms of Persistent Bladder Pain: A role for MIF and HMGB1”

   Anna S. Nagle et al. “Measurement of non-voiding rhythmic bladder contractions by M-mode ultrasound during urodynamics in humans”

   Bradley A. Potts et al. “Striking Differences in the Effects of β3-Adrenoceptor Agonists and Antimuscarinics on Bladder Filling/Voiding Function in Chronic Spinal Cord Injured Rats”

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